Pictures from Norway


Short summer bicycle tour through Norway – 2 weeks, 1500 km, from Oslo to Bodø Moss


I think thats prettier than garden gnomes


the first night – right on the lake!


on small roads, off the traffic, to the north!


Early morning mist on a cool plateau


typical view of a farm


with great weather on a high-level plateau


barren rocky landscape – just how I like it


Dirt road through the fog – no cars, but severe slopes!


pretty cool for a summer cycling tour


all full of mosquitoes here – quickly into the tent!


Campsites are pretty expensive here – so I wash myself in the lake


First I light the fire, then I jump into the lake – so afterwards I don’t get too cold


Whew! The sea! Shortly before Trondheim


Pretty – in good and calm weather I continue along the coastal road to the north


Without wind, it is not so cold – I even got some skin colour!


On a tiny street on offshore islands, along rugged fjords


In between, every now and then there comes a ferry crossing


Evening – looking for a camp


on a pretty high bridge I cross a fjord


Previously it was a toll road – but the construction costs are now paid


Appearances can be deceptive – it has rained a lot, but then mostly the camera stayed in the bag


Up! After a long, windy, wet and steep driveway


I taped off the ventilation holes in the helmet – it was too cold with the wind


A final image – in this case it was directly beneath a glacier along the coast.
From Bodo I fly back via Oslo to Berlin – Who knows, maybe the next trip I continue here, to the North Cape and on to Russia or even to Kamchatka – that would be great… 🙂

See you soon

P.S. Excuse the abrupt end of the reporting of my trip last year – I promise – next time again in more detail!




Some more photos…


…from the trip 2010. Have fun watching 😉

Typical camp in the Ukraine – anywhere on the sidelines …


… and on a bay of the Black Sea




In the vast steppes of Kazakhstan


Behind Anzob-Tunnel in Tajikistan


Traveling on remote tracks in the Pamir


A day’s journey behind the Zorkul lake in the Pamir


Just before the village Shaimak in the Pamir …


… after a few days on donkey paths again a proper gravel road under my wheels!


At Karakul Lake – shortly before the Kyzylart Pass (4280m) to Kyrgyzstan


The black fence marking the border area with China – there is no international border crossing from Tajikistan from there, hence the „detour“ of Kyrgyzstan


An old closed-down road in the Mongolian Autonomous County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bayingolin the People’s Republic of China. On the map this street looked like a shortcut of about 100 Km. The four-day trip in a virtually pristine wilderness turns out, as can be seen in the photo, to be a little more difficult than expected. For that I am rewarded with seemingly untouched landscape and days of solitude. One of the most impressive stretch of the entire trip!


Again traveling on remote roads, here in the province of Qinghai, a „shortcut“ between the G109 and G214 roads. The major roads lead in a wide arc around this mountain. The photo shows the pass at about 4500m, several parts of the trail are impassable by car, but the Chinese are using motorbikes to get around in this area.


If I remember correctly, this is the provincial border between Qinghai and Sichuan – at any rate, the highest point of my journey.


View of the driveway


Tibetan Monastery in Sichuan


Typical Tibetan settlement


From there I travel along the provincial border with Tibet steadily southward.



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